Openness in Education Mooc #oped12

Although deluged with other things, I'm really happy to be registered for this, my second Mooc (my first was Power Searching with Google). I've done my best to catch up with the reading although I haven't engaged with fellow Moocers yet - I will rectify this...

In week 1 I read Giving Knowledge for Free: the emergence of open educational resources, which offers a good overview of Open Educational Resources and the impact (or not) on higher education. It's a great place to start - especially as brain research tells us that we prefer the big picture view before trying to fit it all together...

The best for me this week has been a fascinating History of the Open University - I knew Harold Wilson figured large in this but had never heard of Jennie Lee, without whom, it seems, the whole project would have failed...

And I've also got round at least to having a look at the Twitter stream for the course - and just wow, it really is interesting - just have a look at this beautiful set of notes for Week 1 reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar from @giuliaforsythe:

Amazing! Anyway, here's the main course portal: and the hashtag is #oped12 if you want to have a look and see what people are saying on Twitter.


  1. Hi ~ I'm a late starter, not to register but, distracted, to get started. Serendipity, starting here. Currently, I am decidedly over-mooc'd and hoping for a lull or at least breathing space. Behind on blogging about it too.

    I'm also trying an x-mooc to get a first hand look. It's a stark contrast with openness. This afternoon on forum inside the silo, I got a lecture on legalities and intellectual property.... and gave one back on its wrongness. Educational. And refreshing to be back where it is open. Happy to meet you Bill and your blog too.

  2. Thanks Vanessa - it sounds like you are full-on Moocer, that's really cool! I don't know what an x-mooc is - do you have any links to follow to that starkness..?

    Looking forward to reading your blog posts :-)


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