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70:20:10 is a Person-Centred Approach to Learning

As part of my various researches into Person-Centred education and, of late, brain research, I encountered the idea of 70:20:10, which attempts to show that we learn more from experience than from formal education. The model works like this: 70% of learning is from on-the-job experiences, tasks, and problem solving.20% from human relationships, networks, and feedback.10% from courses and reading. Of course the figures are artificial (just like 64.632% of statistics are made up on the spot) but I think the model has some traction because many people feel that it is probably about right from their own experience - and I see the model as very Person-Centred because it centrally recognises the importance of context in experiential learning processes. "How to manage formal learning?" is the same question Carl Rogers addressed and he came to the same conclusion: you can't! What you do is set a positive and encouraging emotional climate, provide resources (taking care of the ch…

The ninth habit of highly effective people #wol12

Had a great morning at World of Learning yesterday and of particular interest was a company formed by (now sadly deceased) Stephen R. Covey, who wrote a book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which has not only sold 15 million copies, but also formed a training, planning and consultancy company based around the ideas therein.  In fact, Covey wrote a follow-up book about the 8th Habit. I'd like to now humbly add my own 9th habit, because the lively and energetic people @franklincovey offered a number of Nexus 7 tablets for random people - and I was such a random person. So my 9th habit is 'Be Lucky'...