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Roundup of Guides to Google Hangouts

This post follows on from the previous one about Google+, especially as I think the Google Hangout group video chat tool is by far the best aspect of Google Plus - it feels and looks great and is easy to use, except that you have to be part of Google+ and understand how to use circles. Maybe this will change at some point, who knows. However, for now, it's my favourite way to hold a video chat, and here's my roundup of Guides to Google Hangouts:
How to use Google+ Hangouts is a great place to start from wikiHow, which shows you how to start, join and invite people to a Hangout and use instant messaging/chat. Google's own Guide to Hangouts is pretty comprehensiveHow to use Google hangouts to meet with friends, from Makeuseof, is really good because it also talks about the occasional browser plug-in issue and how to resolve. Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts On Air, by GrowSmartBiz, focuses on using Hangout for live broadcast, connect with customers, conduct product demonstrati…

Roundup of Guides to Google+

I have an item in my todo list today: "create Google+ guide". This follows on from this post, vowing that I will indeed produce a complete guide. However, I have to fess up and say that this particular todo has appeared in my lists on several occasions since that post - and, for shame, has been demoted and deferred each time. So, I'm looking truth hard in the face now and not blinking, when I say that I will NEVER get round to doing it. If I'm honest, it's not only that other priorities HAVE appeared along the way, but I just haven't been using it and don't envisage using it all that much - I didn't learn to love it! 
But, there's always a positive, and, well, what's the point in reinventing the wheel - there are loads of resources out there already, so here's a list of some of the most prominent (ie, those that came up on the first page on a google search (there's a second page?)... Google+ GuidesGoogle+: The Complete Guide - this, f…