Roundup of Guides to Google+

I have an item in my todo list today: "create Google+ guide". This follows on from this post, vowing that I will indeed produce a complete guide. However, I have to fess up and say that this particular todo has appeared in my lists on several occasions since that post - and, for shame, has been demoted and deferred each time. So, I'm looking truth hard in the face now and not blinking, when I say that I will NEVER get round to doing it. If I'm honest, it's not only that other priorities HAVE appeared along the way, but I just haven't been using it and don't envisage using it all that much - I didn't learn to love it! 

But, there's always a positive, and, well, what's the point in reinventing the wheel - there are loads of resources out there already, so here's a list of some of the most prominent (ie, those that came up on the first page on a google search (there's a second page?)...

Google+ Guides

  1. Google+: The Complete Guide - this, from Mashable, is a very extensive look at every aspect of Google+ which is continuously updated to include new initiatives. There are commentary, videos and photos in the guide and I think you might well put a full day aside to go through this, but you'll either be be expert or exhausted by the end of it.
  2. Google Plus Beginner's Guide from Squidoo offers a step-by-step process for beginners to set up a profile, configure settings, use circles, invite people, and so on. There are quite a few videos, too, so once again, you might want to put a goodly chunk of time aside for this one - but it'll get you up and running. 
  3. The Marketer's Guide to Google Plus by KISSmetrics contains some fabulous advice with clear examples about Google+ and search engine optimisation (SEO), which is how you can get onto that first page of Google search results. 
  4. 12 Google+ Marketing Tips from the Pros by Social Media Examiner is a very clear and accessible presentation of key things you might want to do from a marketing perspective. 
  5. Google+ - the Wordtracker Academy present a whole series of articles and documents showing how to maximise Google+ for business use (including Hangouts, see below). 
  6. A complete guide to creating and optimising Google+ brand pages from RKG is, as you might guess from the title, a fairly specialist tactical guide aimed, again, at SEO (see above). If you're set up already and REALLY want to get your message out there, follow some of the guidance here. 
  7. The Google Plus guide for people who hate Google Plus from Genius Startup - the conceit here is that, well, this is Google after all, so Google+ is going to be important whether we like it or not - here's a guide showing how to use it for best purpose. Nice guide, but actually, remember Google Wave, Buzz..? Not everything Google succeeds and I might well just put my faith in my gut instinct about Google+ in this case :-)