Google is your friend

Or so the Internet would have you believe. In fact, GIYF as an acronym is used to rebuff so-called 'stupid' questions:

There are also RTFM, which is a pre-Internet version (read the fucking manual) and the one that brought this subject to my attention, LMGTFY - or let me Google that for you.

And, actually, I don't much like the haughty sarcasm of somebody asking a legitimate question and being sneered at for it, but... I quite like lmgtfy and the way it shows the search terms being found, quite helpful, I thought - and I can see a potential use in showing people how different search terms can bring different kinds of results. It doesn't have to say 'was that so hard' at the bottom, though. On reflection, perhaps it is too sarcastic, after all!

Anyway, try it here: