I like it when I can permit freedom to others

Set in italics for emphasis on page 74 of On Becoming an Effective Teacher, Hal Lyon expresses exactly my own motivation towards person-centred education - I also like it when I can permit freedom to others! As Hal says, "Of all the learnings I’ve developed, I think the climate of freedom, which I can frequently help create, which I can often carry with me and around me, is to me one of the most precious parts of myself."

Of course, it's not always achievable - the principle barrier is "the absurd demand of the university that learning is measured by grades" - but when it is...
"...education becomes what it should be: an exciting quest, a search, and not an accumulation of facts soon to be outdated. In groups that I’ve been able to set free, there arise true students, real learners, creative scientists, scholars, and practitioners. The kind of persons who can live in a modern world, existing in the delicate but ever-changing balance between what is presently known, and the flowing, altering problems and facts of the future. They have become persons living in process, able to live a changing kind of life."