If you trust them...

Couldn't resist posting Carl Rogers' final thoughts in Hal Lyons new book On Becoming an Effective Teacher (p.188) - a fantastic, eloquent summary of how person-centred education does its thing, including how the teacher should BE in the classroom in order to set learners free:
If you trust them, they will respond to that trust. If you can openly be your real self, they will respond to you as a person. If you nourish their exploring, they will grow. If you feed their curiosity, they will learn. If you care for them as persons, they will return that caring. If you can understand their feelings, it will expand and blossom and bloom, and then they will learn more in reading and math, in all the subjects. They will learn to think for themselves, they’ll find ways of solving problems, they will speak for themselves as independent persons, they will respond with hard, disciplined work to the climate you have created. They will begin to discover the enormous strength and potential that resides within each one of themselves.