pce-literature.org - searchable online database for person-centred research

Two Austrian organisations for the person-centred approach have joined forces and created a rather amazing searchable online bibliography containing 9830 Records by a total of 6701 authors and editors (when I posted this, but I'm sure it's growing...).

According to the site,  the  database stems mainly from the bibliographies of the World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling (WAPCEPC). It is aimed specifically at researchers, students, and psycho­therapists, but is equally available to a wider public.

There is a lovely and clear 'how to' link at the top for first users and a (rather subtle) 'EN' link at top right for English-speakers.

After just having read Hal Lyons lovely book On Becoming an Effective Teacher, I tried out the search term 'teacher' and got two pages of results, many of which I hadn't seen before. 'Neuroscience' brought a rich handful of references relating findings from that sphere to the person-centred approach. This site is going to become a firm friend indeed...