25th February #chinadiary

An idyllic start to the day, reading and thinking alone on the top deck and "sky and air and sunshine all seem so fresh". Carl's leadership qualities, creativity and playfulness all come to the fore as he's chosen to be editor-in-chief for the "funny little paper for our delegation" - the name suggested by Mr Porter: THE AUGUR, warranted not to bore.

A more serious turn in the afternoon as he more fully confronts the 'point' of the delegation, which is to proselytise for Christianity. Carl asks himself bluntly "Have I a faith that is worth trying to impart to the Chinese students?" He is openly grappling with himself and with his belief system, fighting hard to work out what it is he does indeed believe. At this point, it is that "there is a God, who is a loving father. I am sure that Jesus Christ is my leader and Lord, and that I want to follow his principles of brotherhood."