February 24th #chinadiary

A typical day on the "floating palace of the deep":
  1. 7am rise, toast and coffee if desired
  2. Walk, read and talk on deck
  3. 8.30 communal big breakfast
  4. After breakfast, read, typewrite, walk or quoits
  5. 11.00 beef broth and crackers on deck
  6. Two hours to include exercise
  7. 1.00 Tiffin (lunch)
  8. Drowsy until...
  9. 3.00 Delegation meeting
  10. 4.00 tea and cookies
  11. 5.00 walk the deck and talk
  12. 7.00 Dinner and conversation
  13. 8.30 onwards freetime and sleep
Sounds like a very full day, although Carl calls it "a very lazy life" giving some insight into his driven work ethic. I feel quite uncomfortable with some of Carl's cultural attitudes - today about the "typical Japanese 'boys'" - even while understanding that they are of their time. 

Another couple of days on board until Honolulu and the weather is becoming uncomfortably warm.