12th March #chinadiary

There are two entries for this date - the first being a catch-up from previously missed days.

Japan, new impressions and new sights. Admiral Togo received Baron Kato and the rest of the Japanese delegation. Carl and some of the men rode on rikshas, although Carl feels he could never get used to the feeling of riding behind a human draft animal, not pleasant at all for him. However, he does begin to feel the difference of 'the Orient' - one of those things being that much of the street traffic, and much else, is "done by man power" - "simply amazing to one from the West". Carl very much admires the Japanese women, who "surely make a picture" and enjoys his first Japanese guenabi luncheon, which "surely was good" (I wanted to find a picture of a guenabli luncheon, but couldn't even find a reference to it...).

Now, it is Sunday - and the largest church in Tokyo with a special service for Parliament and the government. Later, another church service, where Dr Mott talks of dispelling the pessimism of many Christian people and that the present was one of the great days for the church.