March 15th #chinadiary

An excitable Carl begins with "New impressions! New impressions! Today has surely been full of them!"

So, on the train from Tokyo, impressed by the mountainous terrain in general, the particularly impressionable event was seeing Mount Fuji for the first time, "better than the best picture of it I have ever seen." Carl's farming background also helps him make good note of the agricultural sights he sees - and gives him an insider's appreciation of just how much care and labour goes into it.

Carl's overview at the end of this entry is worth quoting in full (including his excitable spelling):
I don't think that I can ever forget those terraced mountainsides, the flooded rice-paddies, the patient peasants with their primitive hoes, and their heavy two wheeled carts, and I am quite sure that I can never forget that grand old knig of mountains, Fujiyama