March 16th #chinadiary

Lacquer box, Ming Dynasty, 16th C
Carl surely enjoying the morning attentions of the "classiest Japanese maids that I have ever seen", waking him up and making a coal fire in the fireplace. The first excursion today was to the lacquer works - and Carl once more displays his great admiration for the patience and skill involved in craftwork by writing in great detail about the various processes that come together to create such things as the lacquer box shown here.

He also visits "a great bunch of old temples" in Kyoto, "a most delightful old city". He makes particular note of the Higashihonganji temple and a coil of rope made up from the hair of thousands of Japanese women - I don't know if the display was as 'organised' in 1922 as it is now, but people still find the rope noteworthy: