March 29th #chinadiary

Carl is extremely busy now in preparing for the first meeting of the General Committee - there's a real sense of engagement and of fully being in the world on the pages here and following. Indeed, it's quite hard to follow the diary precisely at this point, as it skips around between days somewhat - the entry for 29th March talks about the dinner he had on 28th, for example, and the morning of the 29th March is reported on in the entry for April 3rd: "The General Committee met at 9.15 the morning of the 29th and has kept us almost on the run ever since."

He reports the meeting as the most enlightening he has ever attended, identifying "three high spots of the session":
  1. the discussion of student representation  on the Executive Committee - Carl seems to have been pretty effective at lobbying support for his chosen course of action
  2. what attitude the student Christian Movements should take toward followers of other faiths - Carl succinctly outlines the movements opposing Christianity (a serious opposition, you can find more information here). 
  3. the international object of the Federation - particularly the subject of war in relation to the principles of both Christ and Ghandi