April 22nd #chinadiary

Foreign Concessions in Hankow 1900
Carl's party arrive in Hankow (Hankou) after yet another overnight train ride. Although he's happy to see lots of greenery, he finds that "Hankow is a very uninteresting city to come to. It is as modern and foreign as any city we have seen." This is around the period when Hankou had foreign concessions belonging to United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany and Japan (the German and Russian concessions had ended by now).

Zhengzhou to Hankou today
By contrast, the city across the river, Wuchang, is "the most typical old Chinese city you ever saw." It seems odd, given the colonial presence just over the river, but Carl is a little unsettled by constant staring eyes, finding it "hard to get used to being a foreigner."