April 9th #chinadiary

The closing meetings of the conference - and a revisiting of the 'just war' or pacifism in Christianity arguments - it sounds like they were a real sticking point, Carl saying that "at times we felt almost like throwing up the sponge".

After this entry, Carl gives his overall impression of the conference and of the people he encountered there, very finely graded from outstanding to splendid: There have been very few outstanding men at this conference. There has been such a wealth of splendid men that it is hard to pick but a few of the best."

Then Carl reports on the clear impressions he has gotten from the conference:
  1. "the truly remarkable fellowship among the delegates from all over the world ...it has been an education for a narrow, provincial middle westerner like myself to find what splendid men may be hidden behind different labels of nationality."
  2. "the student world is absolutely wide awake" - truthful, searching, critical and open-minded. 
  3. "we have not ... tried to live our Christianity ...  Maybe Christ didn't mean it when he said that we should live entirely by the law of love, but I believe that the experiment is going to be tried..." 
That last statement is repeated again a sentence later and the idea is discussed at length in the next paragraph. It strikes me that Carl went on his whole life trying that very experiment, with tremendous success - an outstanding man!

Carl concludes his reflection by relating the depth of his Christian feeling, strengthened from recent experience: "Have we a Christ who is worth proclaiming? That question can never bother me again."