May 24th #chinadiary

As Carl says "It has been some time since I have written up my journal" - and he sketches in his thoughts of Hong Kong (two days was long enough) and Canton (now Guangzhou), which Carl liked a lot more. He reports on a visit to the 'Hospital for the Insane': "The customary Chinese way of caring for a violently insane person is to chain him up, and simply feed and clothe him. They have one patient who was kept tied by a chain around his neck, for sixteen years. No wonder he was crazy, eh wot?"
Postcard of Canton (Circa 1920s)

Carl is very engaged with understanding local political affairs, which are "a terrible muddle at the present time". 

He is extremely impressed by the efforts of the YM work (YMCA) of half a dozen students, who provide free (religious, it seems) education for the local people. 

It seems that his colleague, Ken, is ill, and that the illness will turn out to be dysentery, thus holding up the travellers' progress for a while.