Radio Person-Central 002: be. free.

Free Ales Bialiatski
Welcome to radio person-central - this one in honour of Ales Bialiatski. Show Solidarity by writing to Ales:

for Bialiatski A.V.
1 Sikorsky Street,
Mahiliou Region,
Penal Colony No. 2

And Kat points us to a petition - please take a few seconds to sign and let the authorities know you are watching:

Comments and requests below, love and peace always...


  1. Wow some time since I heard Ian Dury and Robert Wyatt!
    Given free will but within certain limitations,
    I cannot will myself to limitless mutations,
    I cannot know what I would be if I were not me,
    I can only guess me.
    Linked what I think is a live petition is it for Bialiastski

  2. You should be listening to both on a daily basis - good for the health ;)

    I can usually only guess me, too.

    Thanks for Ales petition link, Kat - I'll add it to the site x

    1. that's a bit 'directive' from someone as Wonderful as a Sunset :O) That's not a 'should' in there is it?
      But you are probably right, a bit of Ian Dury coupled with some Thomas Tallis daily would probably cover the whole spectrum of self expression. I will keep listening. .

  3. I should listen
    You should listen
    It should listen
    He should listen
    She should listen
    We should listen
    They should listen


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