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June 30th #chinadiary

Another long gap to catch up with today - I'm glad that Carl was too busy experiencing to keep such a writing routine as he'd intended!

He relates his visit to 'model city' of Nantunchow and especially the pagoda on Langshan (Guangxiao now, I think).

He is also surely glad he went to the Chinese theatre, something he'd been wanting to do for a while. The costumes were "simply gorgeous, and the interest depended not so much on the plot as on the grace of the actors, the beautiful dances, and the splendid costuming" - the finale was a spirit dance that "I don't think I will ever forget".

The next morning saw a river trip to Nanking and the missionary work of Mr Magee, who is "doing the only Christian work that is being done in that dirty hell-hole mushroom port city".

The afternoon saw the party do something that Carl had been wanting to do for a long time, "see some real country mission work" - which seems to involve trave…

June 20th #chinadiary

Another recap one week after the last entry - full days in Shanghai. Attendance at a Baptist College and Church, as well as at a small conference at Tung Wen Japanese College where "a very poor supper of supposedly Chinese food ... had a riot most of the night, but the morning news reported everything quiet except for a few skirmishes."

Carl also visited the factory of the Commercial Press, a printing firm, where he expresses happy surprise at the excellent working conditions, not typical across China in his experience: "it was certainly great."

Not so certainly great were conditions for workers, small children indeed, at a 'silk filature' and Carl is raging with revolutionary anger: "Think of kids seven years old working fourteen hours and a quarter every day! I don't know how it makes other people feel, but it makes me see red, and wish I had a gun. I no longer wonder that people turn Bolshevik." (I could tell Carl that I'm always outrag…

June 13th, #chinadiary

Recap on missed days in today's entry.

Friday: Lots of seeing sights, long talks and dandy games of tennis today. Carl finds the Min River and valley especially beautiful.

Saturday: Lots of school visits and a wild picnic with thirty missionaries (the Anti Cob Web Club...).

Sunday: A handsome Chinese minister preached in Chinese and Carl took in Foochow from the Old North Gate Tower.

Monday: The nascent Fukien Christian University in the morning, a climb up Kushan in the afternoon to a big Buddhist Monastery, where it turns out the abbot is a member of the YMCA (which proves he is a "wide awake man"). However, Carl is not at all impressed by Buddhist philosophy and practice, whereby the vegetarian Buddhists look after animals and perform "no service at all for any human being" - and also "worship idols". Seems to me that Carl is pretty tribal at this point with regard to his missionary zeal... but then I value animals as highly as those Buddhists.

June 8th, #chinadiary

Carl sure admires the nerve of the skippers on the little junks in the rough seas. The party arrive at Amoy (now Xiamen), a major city on the south east coast of China, but only for three hours. They had a brief trip to one of the islands and saw some of the mission schools. The picture here shows some of the missionaries of that period from the Amoy mission school.

Bound for Foochow (Fuzhou) next.

June 7th, #chinadiary

Several things have happened since the last entry:
left Hong Kong on the 1st, Ken feeling slightly betterarrived at Swatow (now Shàntóu) Carl mainly describes his impressions of Swatow in this entry, as well as the work of the missionaries, which he most certainly supports. He is also sad to leave, having made some very good friends here. 
Finally, the party is on board ship bound for Foochow (now Fuzhou) and perhaps anticipating a typhoon and still enjoying his experiences.