June 13th, #chinadiary

Recap on missed days in today's entry.

Friday: Lots of seeing sights, long talks and dandy games of tennis today. Carl finds the Min River and valley especially beautiful.

Saturday: Lots of school visits and a wild picnic with thirty missionaries (the Anti Cob Web Club...).

Sunday: A handsome Chinese minister preached in Chinese and Carl took in Foochow from the Old North Gate Tower.

Monday: The nascent Fukien Christian University in the morning, a climb up Kushan in the afternoon to a big Buddhist Monastery, where it turns out the abbot is a member of the YMCA (which proves he is a "wide awake man"). However, Carl is not at all impressed by Buddhist philosophy and practice, whereby the vegetarian Buddhists look after animals and perform "no service at all for any human being" - and also "worship idols". Seems to me that Carl is pretty tribal at this point with regard to his missionary zeal... but then I value animals as highly as those Buddhists.


  1. How fabulous is this Bill. Tennis, wild picnics, but I wonder how much REAL service to human beings those with whom Carl played tennis with, were ACTUALLY engaged in :O) Perhaps those veggie buddhists may have been performing more service, who knows :O)

    1. My thoughts exactly, Kat - in logging Carl's travels here, I'm very interested to see where he begins to part company with the soul-capture world-view of the Christian evangelicals...


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