June 20th #chinadiary

Another recap one week after the last entry - full days in Shanghai. Attendance at a Baptist College and Church, as well as at a small conference at Tung Wen Japanese College where "a very poor supper of supposedly Chinese food ... had a riot most of the night, but the morning news reported everything quiet except for a few skirmishes."

Carl also visited the factory of the Commercial Press, a printing firm, where he expresses happy surprise at the excellent working conditions, not typical across China in his experience: "it was certainly great."

One that got away: a silk moth
Not so certainly great were conditions for workers, small children indeed, at a 'silk filature' and Carl is raging with revolutionary anger: "Think of kids seven years old working fourteen hours and a quarter every day! I don't know how it makes other people feel, but it makes me see red, and wish I had a gun. I no longer wonder that people turn Bolshevik." (I could tell Carl that I'm always outraged by exploitation, too, and share his anger - it makes me feel sick to my stomach to think of the lives of the silk worms, too, who never get to become moths).

Carl moderates his earlier outburst presently by allowing his intellect to take over, whereby he argues that China likely must go through similar and terrible industrial/historical processes as England and America, finally stating his deeply felt hope that the labor movement is kept close to the Christian forces as possible in order to "keep its ideals high".