Freedom to Learn for the 80's in the 21st Century

I've decided that I shall make a summary of Carl Rogers' book Freedom to Learn for the 80s openly available on the web, so what I'll do is post chapters here as I do them, then I'll create a separate and permanent page of the whole thing once I finish.

Rather than an overview here (I'll write that last), here is a review from Amazon that gives a fair flavour of the book and its impact:
This is a seminal text in the area of learning and teaching, and was part of the revolution that moved education(some of it!) into a more student centred approach. This book, especially the section entitled 'for the teacher' has hardly ever failed to be a ground breaking read for trainee teachers, lecturers and trainers alike. Most educators cannot fail to deeply effected by Rogers' passionate and personal insights into the subject of facilitating learning and the nature of interpersonal relationships within the classroom. This has been a required read for all new lecturers and trainers' on every teacher trainer course I have been involved in, in Universities, corporate, public service and police organisations for the last 20 years. If you are an educator or trainer - buy it. It will change forever the way you view the process of learning and teaching. You will also gain the added bonus of making some really good friends out of your students.