Tetney Lock and a Murmuration of Starlings

The feelings of freedom and joy of existence felt on our last walk - to Marshchapel - was moderated somewhat by the fact that I could barely walk for days afterward! Not only did I not build up to the 25 walk leading up to it, I had been poorly and mostly laid up with a chest infection. So, basically, my reach exceeded my grasp. So, the aim on this occasion was not only to walk a reduced distance, but also to walk and exercise in the days/weeks preceding - this I have done and it has paid off. Writing this on the day after, I'm feeling just ticketyboo, which is a happy way to be.

So, here's the 16 mile walk we (me and mate Nellie) did, there and back to Tetney Lock:

Grimsby to Tetney Lock walking route

Our destination point was the Crown & Anchor pub on Tetney Lock Road, Tetney, wherein we learnt about the number of locks on the Louth Navigation canal, which have unfortunately been allowed to fall into complete disrepair, making the canal now bereft of boats of almost any kind. Anyway, I think we have our next walking jaunt planned - Grimsby to Louth, which is 20 miles one way, so it'll involve a stop-over in Louth and return the next day.

On the way to Tetney, Nellie pointed out a murmuration of starlings:

A Murmuration of Birds on a Wire

Other collective nouns of interest are a damning of jurors, an incredulity of cuckolds, a parliament of owls and a superfluity of nuns, although they were perhaps too well camouflaged because we didn't see any. Our return journey was in the excellent company of Wilson and his human - and we encountered a man with his kids who had covered an injured and clearly traumatised swan with one of their jackets whilst they rang the RSPCA. A beautiful, generous act. We walked on, confident that the poor swan was in good hands - but not before Nell gave the kid whose jacket it was a pound, saying to him 'thank you and well done - always be kind to animals'. Very moving.

Here's a pic of a happy Wilson: