Ah! Sunflower

Eight lines only, but of such power - and much of it in that 'ah!'... is it surprise on encountering the sunflower, is it an expression of delight or more sadly, one of pity..? And although the sunflower is of course rooted, this is a poem of rootlessness, of movement, or perhaps of desire of movement - seeking after, the traveller's journey - and 'where' is repeated three times, the desire for somewhere else, perhaps. Or perhaps the where is the where of the imagination, not only in space, but in time. I feel so for that sunflower, for it reminds me of somebody I was once very close to, that yearning, that sense of wanting something undefined and the frustration that life brings to deny that undefined something, persistence and frustration, lost innocence and corrupted love, desire and the inevitable end of desire. And now, over to The Fugs and "Ah, Sunflower Weary Of Time":


  1. Another thoughtful post and what a lovely track! :)

    1. Thanks! I've also set some of these to music and will record at some point :-))


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