Carl Rogers: Freedom Freak

The Curator made me aware of a book called "Carl Rogers: Control Freak" yesterday and the blurb claims the following:
  • How To Save the Method of Carl Rogers
  • How To Use the Rogerian Method
  • Save Counseling's Greatest Technique Now!
I'm not fucking reading it, life's too short and it's bullshit :-)

How do I know? And without reading it!!! Soooo unscientific! Well, bollocks - I know because I KNOW, you know! I've experienced 'the method' (it's not a method, or a technique, Kevin - it's a way of being, oh, and while I'm at it, Rogers declined the tribute of 'Rogerian' - find your own way, baby...). I don't know enough about counselling generally, but I know how the realness and empathy and love of Carl Rogers reached me from beyond the grave and liberated me to be me and this is perhaps the most important thing that ever happened to me. 

I was reading Rogers' Freedom to Learn just now and came across the accounts of people who had also experienced person-centred counselling and they relate the impact of this on their world. I found myself becoming very emotional as I read - yes! yes! yes! me, too! So, I thought I'd share the accounts here - I scanned the relevant parts to save time, but just read on - the people are so brave and so eloquent and they perfectly capture the range of emotions from fear to elation and a million other things along the way. 

The first begins with fear - of risking, of trusting - and arrives ecstatically at the experience of 'floating along on the current of life' (click to enlarge): 

The second moves from fear and mistrust to the humaness of feeling: 

If anything, Rogers had a genius over his entire lifetime for enabling people to be who they are, an obsessive and generous devotion to the joy of human being, of liberation - Carl Rogers: Freedom Freak!