Chimpanzee beings, dog beings, human beings and the importance of empathy

It's all one, we're all one!

After blogging about Michael Pollan's sensible approach to diet yesterday, I did and still do feel a bit shitty about his attitude to animals - travelling such distance in thinking outside the off-the-shelf thinking bubble and you still want to murder animals. Honestly, it's piss-poor, Michael! So, I'm especially moved today by this short video "Being with Jane Goodall" (thanks to Brain Pickings) which really encapsulates my own feelings towards our amazing and beautiful animal friends - our empathy for animals brings us humans to our highest potential...


  1. You can see the compassion in her face and hear it in the way she talks about how other animals are not separate to us, but simply other creatures. I believe this too and find the way that some people create a division alien to my way of thinking. But it is only by seeing animals as an "other" that people can do such vile things to them. For me, we are one and the same. At least there are many kind and intelligent people out there who believe the same as we do.

  2. Beautifully expressed! If we are to move on from our barbarism, it will take those kind and intelligent people to become active in the world and do something about it. And, thankfully, they are - Jane Goodall, along with Dawn Prince-Hughes, Richard Dawkins (Praise Him), philosopher Peter Singer, and legal scholar Steven Wise: Great Ape Personhood

  3. Thanks for the link - I wasn't aware of this, it's a step in the right direction.


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