Bloody Immigrants in Grimsby

My recent expedition on the Viking Way got me thinking about place names and other derivations round here.

Grimsby is one of Ukip's top target seats and I've experienced their teeny tiny lip-biting angry gnarled up smallness whilst out leafletting against TTIP and for the Green Party ('Is this to stop all them immigrants?' etc) and also it seems every single tiresome fucking taxi driver taking me from home to the railway station or the hospital feels the need to educate their needy passengers on how 'its the immigrants' etc. Notwithstanding we're Anglo-Saxon, which means half of us are apparently Germanic in make-up genetically, the name of our town is actually from the time of Danelaw, when people from what is now Denmark/Norway integrated us to such an extent that the name itself stems from a Danish fisherman called 'Grim' - 'By' being the old Norse word for village, so Grim's village.

More local Viking place names:
  • -ton (Barton) = enclosure, estate, homestead
  • -thorpe (Cleethorpes, Scunthorpe) = secondary settlement
  • wold (Barnetby le Wold) = high woodland
  • lin- (Lincoln) = lake or simply water
All just a reminder that its just the one planet, folks, we really are all in it together!