Why did you go to the woods, Mr Thoreau?

Why did you go to the woods, Mr Thoreau? "I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately." Oh! I, too, wish to live deliberately! Do you have any advice for me? "As long as possible live free and uncommitted. It makes but little difference whether you are committed to a farm or the county jail." Well, in my own search for deliberate living, I'm writing. Actually writing. At last! Not only that, but I've created a sparse, monastic cell upstairs and away from all distractions. I've also put aside commitments in order to be free to write and I've done just that for this whole weekend, locked away in a hotel room with nothing but my notes, a couple of books and a laptop. And a cafetiere and good coffee. And Peroni, Côtes du Rhône, lots of great films and TV shows. And my music collection. Oh, and my guitar. Now, now, Mr Thoreau, self-discipline doesn't have to mean self-denial, too ;)


  1. Just testing if I can post a comment as Kat (Google)

  2. Ah it worked this time.Sometimes when I use my good sign in it doesn't post.
    Oh to live life deliberately. So good to hear you are writing again Billy :O) and I love your version of a sparse monastic cell :O) I have, for a long time had a dream of spending a year in a wooden cabin in a forest, somewhere wild and wonderful with books, notebooks and a good supply of logs of winter.

  3. It does sound dreamy, doesn't it, Kat! Like Rogers' theory of us, I think my tendency is in that direction, except I shall carry my log cabin - I just bought a super-light one-person tent ;)


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