The Viking Way: Part 1 (of 13) - Barton To Barnetby Le Wold

This first section of the Viking Way is 14 miles and it was a great walk and a great day. Fabulous to be in such close contact with the majestic River Humber and it was Sunshiney all day! We got a little lost at one point due to a shaky signpost, but reclaimed our groove with technology - I can heartily recommend the Viewranger App for Android - especially as some kind soul has uploaded the Viking Way itself and it was a piece of piss to find where we were and where we needed to be...

Humber Bridge from Below
Humber Bridge from the best bench in the world
The best bench in the world with occupant
I had a realisation part way through the walk. I was feeling noticeably euphoric, a feeling I recognised from previous walks - and I had put this down to the felt experience of the 'freedom' of walking! I'm sure that's a part, but it's more likely to be endorphins, I should think. And it's a fucking tremendous feeling of well-being and happiness. From the Internet:
Endorphins function as neurotransmitters in the brain and are produced during exercise, pain, excitement, and orgasm. Endorphins resemble opiates in their ability to produce pain relief and feelings of well-being and the effect has often been referred to as a “runner's” high but the effect can occur anytime that people engage in any strenuous exercise or activity, not just running.
 I can vouch for it :-)

The only downside on this section is that it runs alongside the A15 road for a fair while and it's fucking horrible noisy. The stress we both felt from the noise of modernity spurred us on to more rural peace...
Sunlit fields and Humber Bridge in the far distance
The end of this walk was a rewarding time in the very hospitable Whistle and Flute pub at Barnetby Station - always ice cold in Alex!

Contented & Footsore walker with lovely Julie from W&F


  1. Sounds like a good thing to be doing! You can't beat being out and about in the outside world, and it is a nice part of the country.

  2. Wow sounds wonderful Billy. I think you are right about walking but my guess is fresh air, space, sky, trees, bird song, sunshine also add to the sense of somehow being lighter/freer/ alive, at least this is what I find. 3 miles is a good walk for me these days but in just 3 short miles I start to experience that sense of well being. Haven't been to As Wonderful for a few months again but so enjoyed reading this. I love the photo of the Humber Bridge from below, it looks like an air balloon landing in the river. As you say, to spend some time in the presence of a majestic river, nothing like it for lifting the spirits, that and of course refreshment at the Whistle & Flute :O)

  3. Thanks both of you! I cordially invite you to join one or more excursions :-))


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