The Viking Way: Part 2 (of 13) - Barnetby Le Wold to Caistor

Caistor Market Square Despoilt by Cars and not by Vikings
This section is 8 miles and essentially moves through a horn of Viking settlements (come on, it has to be the collective noun) with the -by suffix, meaning 'village of' - so the villages of Mr Big, Mr Somer, Mr Sear, Mr Owm, Mr Gras, Mr Clix, Mr Audle and Mr Fona - leading us ultimately to the high point of the Roman town of Caistor ('tor' means high rock, rocky peak) - and, obviously, the low point of being town drunks in the country market square, but judge thee not, those Viking roots go deep, baby...
It's hard to imagine those original Viking settlements now, as the more recent settlers are the monied diaspora from the urban populations of England, with their gated mansions and elegantly-maintained-by-proles lawns - however, it is a little easier to get a feel for the medieval people of the area, as there is a beautifully maintained (by the Churches Conservation Trust) little church, which is not 'in operation', but is open for a look around.

13th Century All Hallows Church, Clixby
All Hallows interior
Once again, the walk itself was joyous, if a little marred by the toad work squatting on my companion's life. However, the euphoria was again felt and it just healthy to be away from modern life and its low level stressors, its noise and crowds, its dogshit and concrete - and once again the weather was perfect for walking.
Trusty Viking Way marker with walker and sheep in distance
And aren't these two just so beautiful!
Little Lambs, Who Made Thee? Dost thou know who made thee?