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This is your LIFE


The Viking Way: Part 3 (of 13) - Caistor to Tealby


As the noise of the road began to fall away on leaving Caistor so did the tension carried unknowingly in my body. The peace of the countryside filled my heart. And it carried on filling me up like it would burst with happiness and fulfilment. To just walk. To walk, simply. To be alive and to feel alive. To move forward and keep on moving forward. Over gently rising and gently falling greenery for hour after hour. I listen to Mike Oldfield's pastoral Hergest Ridge as I write this and feel the completion that I felt in that wonderful, blissful, happy place and space in the Universe between Caistor and Tealby.


Piping down the valleys wild
Piping songs of pleasant glee
On a cloud I saw a child.
And he laughing said to me.

Pipe a song about a Lamb;
So I piped with merry chear,
Piper pipe that song again—
So I piped, he wept to hear.

Drop thy pipe thy happy pipe
Sing thy songs of happy chear,
So I sung the same again
While he wept with joy to hear

Piper sit thee down and…

Reasons to be Cheerful (Part Fifteen)

I keep hope and I keep compassion and I stand with those in the way of the mean people of this land.

BBC All in the Mind - Carl Rogers

I recorded the 10 mins of this programme discussing Rogers (it's a repeat from 2007) - below is the blurb from the website about the prog...

If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Carl Rogers, an American psychologist and one of the founders of humanistic psychotherapy. He developed a non-directive psychotherapy which he initially called client-centred therapy, his approach radicalised the profession and his contribution is still being felt today.

For almost a quarter of a century, Howard Kirschenbaum, Emeritus Professor in the Department of counselling and human development at the University of Rochester in the States, has been interpreting and researching the life and work of Carl Rogers. He is the author of a soon to be published updated biography entitled The Life and Work of Carl Rogers.

Professor Kirschenbaum talks about the work, influence and legacy of Carl Ro…

John Oliver lifts the lid on standardised testing and privatisation in education

It's a fantastic piece that shows the significant damage caused by this cynical profiteering in education which helps nobody but the shareholders - and it also reminds me of Rogers' statement that one consequence of a person-centred approach to education is that it "would do away with examinations. They measure the inconsequential type of learning."

Still, in the meantime, until we take them down, The They keep on testing, so Here Comes the Monkey...

The Green Party - End Animal Exploitation

The Green Party has released Our Animal Manifesto. I can't tell you how emotional this makes me feel and how proud I am to be a part of this movement that has such a big, brave and caring heart.

The seven key areas of focus in our plight to end animal suffering at the hands of humans:
End Factory Farming - taking animals out of cages and putting them back in the fieldsStrengthen and extend the Hunting Act and continue our strong opposition to the badger cullProtect habitats and wildlife both at home and abroadCompletely review companion animal-breeding and licensing legislation to stop the suffering of unwanted and inadequately cared-for companion animalsEnd the suffering of animals in experimentsEnd the suffering of animals used for our entertainmentGiving animals a voice in policy-making The world doesn't have to be like it is and we can change things, so Join the Green Party and help change our world for the better!

Download the manifesto here