John Oliver lifts the lid on standardised testing and privatisation in education

It's a fantastic piece that shows the significant damage caused by this cynical profiteering in education which helps nobody but the shareholders - and it also reminds me of Rogers' statement that one consequence of a person-centred approach to education is that it "would do away with examinations. They measure the inconsequential type of learning."

Still, in the meantime, until we take them down, The They keep on testing, so Here Comes the Monkey...


  1. I failed EVERYTHING all my life, it is what I am good at. :O)
    I was reminded of a paper by Bohm and Peat - 'Creativity and What Blocks It . '
    The paper refers to Desmond Morris's 'The Biology of Art' and an experiment (don't like the word, don't like the idea) with monkeys whereby they were given paints and became tremendously creative. They became "so interested in painting and it absorbed them so completely that they had comparatively little interest left for food, sex, or the other activities that normally hold them strongly." Then they started to be rewarded for their painting "Very soon their work began to degenerate until they produced the bare minimum that would satisfy the experimenter. ..Thus creativity appears to be incompatible with external and internal rewards or punishments. The reason is clear. In order to do something for a reward, the whole order of the activity, and the energy required for it, are determined by arbitrary requirements that are extraneous to the creative activity itself. .."

    My sense is, this is true for the whole of life in part, we cannot cut the river up into parts, life is in the living or not at all. Dance, sing, drink, walk, garden, feel like shit, wake up frozen, thaw some more, sing some more, write another song, what part shall we separate out from the whole experiencing reducing the ALL by calling it good /bad, excessive, right/wrong etc etc..

    Problem is
    what happens to the flies that simply cannot fit in.

    Hanging out at the edge
    perhaps all we can do is be inspired by those writing a thesis with-in the system
    which is

  2. Yes, that very bullshit word 'fail' - just ridiculous and clearly those experiences of 'fail' haunt us over a whole lifetime. It's not 'fail' and never was 'fail', it's just 'learn' and 'live' - as you so beautifully say 'we cannot cut the river into parts'...


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