The Green Party - End Animal Exploitation

The Green Party has released Our Animal Manifesto. I can't tell you how emotional this makes me feel and how proud I am to be a part of this movement that has such a big, brave and caring heart.

The seven key areas of focus in our plight to end animal suffering at the hands of humans:
  1. End Factory Farming - taking animals out of cages and putting them back in the fields
  2. Strengthen and extend the Hunting Act and continue our strong opposition to the badger cull
  3. Protect habitats and wildlife both at home and abroad
  4. Completely review companion animal-breeding and licensing legislation to stop the suffering of unwanted and inadequately cared-for companion animals
  5. End the suffering of animals in experiments
  6. End the suffering of animals used for our entertainment
  7. Giving animals a voice in policy-making
The world doesn't have to be like it is and we can change things, so Join the Green Party and help change our world for the better!


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