The Viking Way: Part 3 (of 13) - Caistor to Tealby


As the noise of the road began to fall away on leaving Caistor so did the tension carried unknowingly in my body. The peace of the countryside filled my heart. And it carried on filling me up like it would burst with happiness and fulfilment. To just walk. To walk, simply. To be alive and to feel alive. To move forward and keep on moving forward. Over gently rising and gently falling greenery for hour after hour. I listen to Mike Oldfield's pastoral Hergest Ridge as I write this and feel the completion that I felt in that wonderful, blissful, happy place and space in the Universe between Caistor and Tealby.


Piping down the valleys wild
Piping songs of pleasant glee
On a cloud I saw a child.
And he laughing said to me.

Pipe a song about a Lamb;
So I piped with merry chear,
Piper pipe that song again—
So I piped, he wept to hear.

Drop thy pipe thy happy pipe
Sing thy songs of happy chear,
So I sung the same again
While he wept with joy to hear

Piper sit thee down and write
In a book that all may read—
So he vanish'd from my sight.
And I pluck'd a hollow reed.

And I made a rural pen,
And I stain'd the water clear,
And I wrote my happy songs
Every child may joy to hear

I recall sounds: the sound of running water approaching and then falling away as we walked on in our bliss and the birdsong we stopped to take in and noisy warring crows and frightened pheasants, more startled than us by the others' presence.

The sight of the perfectly placed church with its flagstones so cool giving my unsocked baking feet their ease...

The stained glass window with walkers and cyclists standing with Blake's very own Lamb of God...

And fellow beings the swooping kestrel at rest, the unconcerned geese, the wary long-haired sheep and other sheep huddled and sheltering from the heat.



  1. As you say Billy, "perfect" ...
    And yes
    I feel you are right
    walking solves (if perhaps not) everything but so much.
    I so know that feeling of "the countryside filling my heart" and the un-known tensions falling away...

  2. Let's go on a walk together sometime!


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