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Annotated Bibliography of Carl Rogers on Education

This one hasn't taken a year - perhaps a couple of months - but it's been richly rewarding in terms of my knowledge of the development of Rogers' approach to education, which is not captured entirely within the various editions of Freedom to Learn
I would love to host every single article here on the open web - they should be made available, else how the hell is anybody going to know about this very different, freeing approach? Our controlling, damaging educational system can be otherwise and Carl Rogers shows how. 
Anyway, find it here, but also permanently on the 'Person-Central' page in the links above here.

More league tables - the Index of Multiple Deprivation

The Index of Multiple Deprivation is a UK government qualitative study of deprived areas in English local councils. The first study (released in 2007) covers seven aspects of deprivation. The statistics described by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit are:

IncomeEmploymentHealth deprivation and DisabilityEducation Skills and TrainingBarriers to Housing and ServicesCrimeLiving Environment.

We made number 2! 
I feel like we kind of represent the whole of the north east region of our great and proud country and am grateful that all look after all.
Non-existent income and no fucking jobs, good health only visits from time to time, it's a keep fit class running a mile from the gaoler education. But we're number two and that's what you'll find on the concrete pavements and that's what you'll find all the time and remember we're not deprived of crime. 

More info here:

Love is... singularity

Love is really a recognition of truth, a recognition of another person’s integrity and truth in a way that is compatible with — that makes both of you light up when you recognize the quality in the other. That’s what love is. It’s a recognition of singularity…  (Robert Graves, courtesy Brain Pickings)

The urge to growth

Nonchalantly poo pooing the social, negating the They and reaping rewards as the Model - the centre of it all, the beating heart of the thesis - takes real and unanticipated shape before my eyes, sometimes when the door is open walk through and don't look back. I'm not quite sure what that means.

Gave the blog a makeover - it's been annoying me that the main page was  squashed inwards by the follow me on twitter and subscribe by rss feeds - and I was unable to use the rest of that sidebar. So, I threw caution to the wind and tinkered with the html in the template. A few tense moments, but I got something more or less okay and added a separate page for subscribing - at the same time removing the evil empire completely from the blog (the gracious hosts of blogger btw, so it really is ungracious of me...)

Unanticipated and rewarding email chat with Hal Lyon - of Learning to Feel, Feeling to Learn fame - because he was hacked and his computer sent a dodgy email to all his con…

Summary of Carl Rogers' Freedom to Learn on Person-Centred Education

I guess this has taken me about a year to complete, but I've finally got it out there. I primarly decided to do it so I'd be forced to engage more deeply with the book, and I'm glad I did, it's such an amazing piece of work and needed more than ever in our testing times where education is for ranking and sorting and putting people into boxes. Freedom!

I'm very happy to share this - I wish there were more of Carl Rogers' writings about education available on the open web, I feel very sure that he would have approved of the movement towards freedom online, just as he did in person.

Find it here, but also permanently on the 'Person-Central' page in the links above here.

A fully functioning person

...a well-adjusted individual, an optimally functioning person - would be one who is open to all the experiences that are going on within the organism and is able to assimilate those into the concept of self. If I feel hatred, I can assimilate the fact that I'm a hating person; I hate this individual. If I feel love, I'm able to recognize that that's what I'm feeling. If I'm frightened, the same, so that when one is really open to all of the experiences going on in the organism, one is a fully functioning person.

p.252, Rogers, C., & Russel, D. (2002). The quiet revolutionary: An oral history. Roseville: Penmarin Books.

Finishing off as an orgasm

Just had to post this loveliness, courtesy Kat in flowing tribute to more loveliness...