The urge to growth

Cucumber pod with human inside
Nonchalantly poo pooing the social, negating the They and reaping rewards as the Model - the centre of it all, the beating heart of the thesis - takes real and unanticipated shape before my eyes, sometimes when the door is open walk through and don't look back. I'm not quite sure what that means.

Gave the blog a makeover - it's been annoying me that the main page was  squashed inwards by the follow me on twitter and subscribe by rss feeds - and I was unable to use the rest of that sidebar. So, I threw caution to the wind and tinkered with the html in the template. A few tense moments, but I got something more or less okay and added a separate page for subscribing - at the same time removing the evil empire completely from the blog (the gracious hosts of blogger btw, so it really is ungracious of me...)

Pendulous Peppers
Unanticipated and rewarding email chat with Hal Lyon - of Learning to Feel, Feeling to Learn fame - because he was hacked and his computer sent a dodgy email to all his contacts...

Spring Onion
The natural and irresistable urge to Growth...