“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don't find myself saying, "Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner." I don't try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.” (Carl Rogers)

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful (Part Twenty Three)

Day to day jobs reaching completion and oddly satisfying - mad magnificent gazebo to minimise sun exposure on dad's already-always mutating skin, although being a creature of habit, he sits in his usual sitio in the sun.

Dad travelling out with the mental health people and very enjoying it - oh, and sleeping throoooough the nightzzz... for a few days, and then not. And I'm finding it harder and harder to gain sleep after being woken now - I guess I'm a bit upset about dad's agitated state and can't seem to settle. Still, the upside of 4am on these warm, light mornings is that muchly doctoral work gets done :-)

More of The Love Café, movement and potential blocks and more movement. The Love Café is an idea formed very early in the morning in much drink on that dreadfully disappointing election night - politics isn't going to help anybody, fuck it, let's make the change ourselves! Russell Brand is a great inspiration in this regard.

Walking with Carl Rogers - listening to him at a conference somewhere answering questions about encounter groups.

Two fasting days and weight staying exactly the same, humph - spurs me on!

Very pleased that i feel that i have finally found the right voice (in the existential sense) for my own songs - this process of writing music for those songs of innocence and experience and also those songs of resistance seems to have filtered through to songs written from my own being. It feels very satisfying and I can now aim at collating as many Blake poems as feels right (eight so far, but that process may well be endless or there will just come a time when I say 'done'), and aim at 10 songs of resistance and 10 of my own songs. - oh, and not forgetting those thesissongs, one for each chapter (at least)...

Update: nine blake songs - The Garden of Love just fell into its rightful place with barely an effort. I don't know how but I won't question it.

In common with fragile humans throughout history, I very enjoy altered consciousness of all kinds. The legally-sanctioned form is good fun but I have always had extra painful extended hangovers, so, I've been trying a few things out and it really seems to work. Here it is:

  • Before: drink water, eat a meal - a full stomach helps diffuse the booze - pasta dish for carbohydrates, avocado - and yogurt and smelly cheese to help the microbes work well the following day.
  • During: don't mix drinks; if you must, then vodka/tequila as only spirit, white spirit, fewer impurities, nuts and olives might help things along also;
  • Before bed: 2 pints of water with a zero high tablet in each - these are variously marketed as electrolyte or hydration tablets, but I've been looking around discussion forums and sporty people seem to swear by their efficacy against hangovers - I don't know if they work, or if placebo, but something is working, so I include it. 
  • Morning After: egg tomatoes mushrooms - 2 pints of water with a zero high tablets  -  exercise will begin to purge toxins, but drink a lot of water before, during and after to avoid further dehydration - watch a comedy while exercising to counter negative feelings - fruit smoothie/orange juice to up the vitamins.
And today has a morning after in it - and what an interesting evening... bumped into Chris and his lovely woman Sue about a month or so ago and they invited me to their wedding evening, which was last night. I was very surprised indeed to find that many of the kids I went to school with were there, including my next door neighbour back then, Stewart - it's pretty incredible the level of trust you feel for a person when you've known them from being a kid, it's unquestioned and inviolable, really nice. I took some pics of my old schoolfriends and they are all on facebook and I'm not, so they may never ever get to see these pictures, but I don't care and I'd like to see them all here - if any of you do get to see this post, then it was really lovely to see you again, thank you, you are beautiful. 

Dennis and Stewart

Glen, Ann and Gus

John and Graham

Chris and Sue (in the middle)

Bev and Chris

Col and Baz

Me and Sue


  1. How lovely to see happy smiling faces, including yours. Sounds like things are really coming together for you :-)

    1. Thanks, Bethan! I find that I am able to accept myself in ways that I previously couldn't and it seems to be releasing all kinds of flowing. And coming together is a rare and beautiful thing :-)

    2. Thanks, Bethan! I find that I am able to accept myself in ways that I previously couldn't and it seems to be releasing all kinds of flowing. And coming together is a rare and beautiful thing :-)


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