Viking Way - Market Rasen to Caistor

Finally, a (slight return) Viking Way ramble - because our proper next steps will take a little planning due to distance from here, we decided just to go for a walk and Nellie sensibly chose the prettiest part of our walks so far, around Tealby (to Caistor). So, I had the great idea that we could do it in reverse from our previous excursion. Bus from town to Market Rasen - found nice walk through Willingham Woods and then Tealby and the walk in reverse. Only unexpected downside was that Caistor is the highest point in Lincolnshire, so coming to it from Tealby meant lots of walking uphill, quite the strain over our 15 mile hike... Anyway, it was quite amazing to consider how efficiently powerful is our memory. Only ever having seen the landmarks and locations of this part of the world once, I was able to recall much of the journey in reverse as we went along, pre-empting what would come next. I did no (conscious) work whatever to make that happen and it was a few months ago. And yet - here it all is in my memory, recalled for use when required. Just phenomenal! Having captured the lovely landscape previously, I didn't bother on this occasion, however, I took just the one picture, which shows the constant rain over the next hills, which held off on our hills until we entered the White Hart at Caistor, where, obviously, drinks were imbibed.