“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don't find myself saying, "Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner." I don't try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.” (Carl Rogers)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful (Part Twenty Seven) - and Review

What reasons this week, this month..?

Properly getting my exercise routine boosted and fasting - probably not the best two things to put together but i'm determined to make a difference to the extra bit of me in my middle that is unnecessary and unwanted - see if it makes a difference. Actually, I did make another change - I've been using juices to fast with, now I decided I didn't need them and actually I found it easier, just drinking coffee and water... I'll patent my no food, coffee and water diet, methinks, scientifically proven to reduce caloroni levels, the newly-discovered determining factor in weight gain. I'll call it the sloshbelly diet, as the liquids slosh around in the empty and cavernous belly space. Sloshbelly! or Unhealthy Sloshbelly, the US-less diet!

Spending time and walking with Carl Rogers - his good sense and generosity are astounding to me every time we meet. It's shocking - disgraceful even - that there's almost nothing out there for people to engage with. Carl Rogers is the epitome of human freedom. He loved freedom, he loved openness and he was always generous with his time and his person if he felt he could help persons. So, who is holding onto the rich resource of his audio archives? Let go! Let them free. I feel 100% certain that this is what Carl himself would wish :-)

Discovered chord progressions - these are great things, I like them very much, and a growing awareness that something called modal music is what lights my candle.

Very sober and respectable thus far, so... being soooo shit-faced drunk in great company and running around cleethorpes like 20 year olds and ending up where we ended up and i'm laughing now but did feel a bit vulnerable next day but I look back now the post-alcohol low has gone and I value that experience, it was fucking great! Freedom. Abandon. Flow.

Ealing classic The Maggie has been sat on my computer for a long time and I got round to it. There's very little to say except that 'classic' is right and this is art that captures a whole world for us to enter.

Moving the doctorate forward step by step - very pleased to have my annotated bibliography of Rogers on education out there at last. And of course the process of compiling it has been a rich one, giving me a much clearer view of his development and thinking about education. 

Finally, a (slight return) Viking Way ramble - because our proper next steps will take a little planning due to distance from here, we decided just to go for a walk and Nellie sensibly chose the prettiest part of our walks so far, around Tealby (to Caistor). So, I had the great idea that we could do it in reverse from our previous excursion. Bus from town to Market Rasen - found nice walk through Willingham Woods and then Tealby and the walk in reverse. Only unexpected downside was that Caistor is the highest point in Lincolnshire, so coming to it from Tealby meant lots of walking uphill, quite the strain over our 15 mile hike... Anyway, it was quite amazing to consider how efficiently powerful is our memory. Only ever having seen the landmarks and locations of this part of the world once, I was able to recall much of the journey in reverse as we went along, pre-empting what would come next. I did no (conscious) work whatever to make that happen and it was a few months ago. And yet - here it all is in my memory, recalled for use when required. Just phenomenal! Having captured the lovely landscape previously, I didn't bother on this occasion, however, I took just the one picture, which shows the constant rain over the next hills, which held off on our hills until we entered the White Hart at Caistor, where, obviously, drinks were imbibed. 


My previous review, at the end of June, left me questioning the purpose of these posts and re-emerging with renewed vigour - just capturing the reasons to be cheerful is the point, as it reminds me that I am existing with some purpose. With what purpose? Well, this review lets me recall that I've been quietly completing some things - my summary of Freedom to Learn, my annotated bibliography of Rogers on education - and moving other things forward - Blake songs, music in general - but, generally, just being in the world and being myself in the world with other beings - with old school friends, with friends from Brum, with social enterprise friends - and feeling good about that being in the world and about those other beings. This is new for me! I like it very much and feel like I am exploring new worlds :-)

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