Philosophy in Pubs, TUC Archive and the MayDay rooms

I took a trip to Huddersfield to experience PiPs - Philosophy in Pubs (Philosophy. In pubs.) namely THINK Huddersfield - it was a really nice experience despite having chosen not to drink when I'm going and spending time in pubs with good beer. The conversation was lively and challenging, the people welcoming and friendly. A wonderful model to emulate.

My favourite "The Plebs" cover
Being-with my friends from the Social Science Centre, one foot in the institution at London Metropolitan University's TUC Archive, and one foot defiantly out at MayDay Rooms - "MayDay Rooms is an active repository, resource and safe haven for social movements, experimental and marginal cultures and their histories., " - we spent a lovely free afternoon with Ian and Pauline shaped by love and challenge and generosity and food and sharing and a little madness and a lot of inspiration. I still haven't fully processed all of this yet, so MayDay rooms will return here at some point.