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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Who owns UK Newspapers? #corbyn #anthemgate

The childish distraction of 'anthemgate' is a revealing moment - Jeremy Corbyn genuinely seems to have unsettled the establishment, whose shrill trumpeters were clearly seen in all their ingloriousness. And, although patently absurd, it isn't to be taken lightly. Even in the age of alternatives via the internet, these newspapers increasingly manage to set the agenda, so that what they deem to be 'news' in the morning becomes 'news' throughout the day on radio and television, on the 'impartial' BBC, and especially on the so-called 'rolling news' stations, which really struggle to fill airtime, so such content is vital to their existence. And most of the content is about the inevitability of neoliberal economics in all areas, which values everything based on the competitive profit motive and devalues public ownership, cooperation and equality.

Therefore, it's important to ask, who owns the newspapers that give our political debate such strong direction?
Over a quarter (27.3 per cent) of the press is owned by Lord Rothermere and 24.9 per cent by Rupert Murdoch – between them these two men have over 50 per cent of the printed press. 
Over three quarters (77.8 per cent) of the press is owned by a handful of billionaires. There are only 88 billionaires among the 63 million people in the UK and most of the barons do not even live in the UK.
This and more information at http://leftfootforward.org/2013/06/everyone-should-know-who-owns-the-press-for-the-sake-of-our-democracy/ - such as...

Rupert Murdoch owns The Sun & The Sun on Sunday, is a billionaire, lives in the US and is an alleged tax avoider!

'Lord' Rothermere owns The Mail & The Mail on Sunday, is a billionaire, lives in France and is registered as non-domiciled for UK tax!

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