Woke up this morning, feeling round for my #FLNutrition

I got either the last night's comfort food take-away onion bhaji with possible wheat contamination
Or a full week without booze after much booze for a long long time withdrawal blues

Fortunately, for me this week's Nutrition and Wellbeing Mooc is all about the link between diet and health, so here's some of the things I learnt and what I'm doing about it.
Fruit Strategy

The Five Dietary and Behavioural Risk Factors

  1. High BMI - I am aware and am taking steps
  2. Low fruit and veg intake - I like to think this is my reward for loving our animal friends too much to eat their corpses, so I'm just fabulous, baby, on vegetables - just need to tweak my fruit intake as I tend to let this slip, so I have put reminders in my system to eat fruit for/with breakfast, to eat fruit not chocolate when I'm travelling and to place my 5-a-day next to me in the main room as a permanent visual reminder. I like fruit, so it's no chore. 
  3. Lack of physical activity - pretty good on this one, I do regular exercise, including strength and aerobic to start the day and just lurve walking. 
  4. Tobacco use - often if I'm drunk, I'll smoke (see 5 below), but on the whole I'm good on this, apart from the occasional spliff, which I'm now poo-pooing for cannabiscuits. 
  5. High alcohol use - tick. Oh, I'm not supposed to have this. I bloody know it! Damn. This is the hardest of the hard for me. I like that stuff, but, I don't think it likes me, so in order to be myself and to be healthy, alchohol, you're going down! Haven't had a drink for a week - I was even in a pub all yesterday afternoon and drank water. Fucking exhausting though. Quite the strain. Thing is, though, I know it damages me: (1) through my insane behaviour when fucked up; (2) the hangovers, oh, the days of hangovers; (3) lots of sugar with no health benefits, just sugar and so calories; (4) it promotes snacking - it sure does. So, it's gone. My personal coach tells me I'll feel better by day 21 of abstinence, so I'm very hopeful. 
In addition, I now take probiotics for gut health, I anyway take vitamin D after being convinced by the science of this a few years ago (be interesting what the course team say about this next week) and I've ordered B12 supplements as I'm not sure I get enough of this and flaxseed oil for Omega 3 for veggies. 

Discovered here the concept of the flexitarian, which was new to me and may well figure as part of the Love CafĂ©'s open-armed strategy to reach out to all people..?

Woke up this mornin' feelin round for my shoes
But you know by that, I got these old walkin' blues...

Walking Blues - Robert Johnson