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News from Nowhere

Been listening to News from Nowhere by William Morris (from ) and found myself disappointingly underwhelmed for quite a while... there's a definite lack of narrative tension in this utopia, but then the arguments against private property emerged and I found my view of our world had shifted somewhat. Private property as the cause of our discontent is a persuasive argument indeed and simply abolishing private property creates more authentic existence - property really is theft. About the book from Wikipedia:
News from Nowhere (1890) is a classic work combining utopian socialism and soft science fiction written by the artist, designer and socialist pioneer William Morris. In the book, the narrator, William Guest, falls asleep after returning from a meeting of the Socialist League and awakes to find himself in a future society based on common ownership and democratic control of the means of production. In this society there is …

Martin Heidegger is without doubt the most incomprehensible German philosopher that ever lived... #heidegger

So begins this video, which offers a lovely overview of this strange man and his stranger thinking, such as:
We've forgotten to notice that we're alive (our Dasein, the strangeness and wonder of it all before the claim of das nichts, the nothing, the inescapable end of all of us)We've forgotten that all being is connected (I found this out on LSD - I'm pretty sure Heidegger wouldn't have done, so I guess his brain was just wired that way...)We've forgotten to be free and to live for ourselves (we're thrown into this world into a particular time and place - we should rise from this provincialism to a universal perspective and so become authentic and live for ourselves and not follow the chatter of theyselves - by focusing on our death, das nichts).