News from Nowhere

Been listening to News from Nowhere by William Morris (from ) and found myself disappointingly underwhelmed for quite a while... there's a definite lack of narrative tension in this utopia, but then the arguments against private property emerged and I found my view of our world had shifted somewhat. Private property as the cause of our discontent is a persuasive argument indeed and simply abolishing private property creates more authentic existence - property really is theft. About the book from Wikipedia:
News from Nowhere (1890) is a classic work combining utopian socialism and soft science fiction written by the artist, designer and socialist pioneer William Morris. In the book, the narrator, William Guest, falls asleep after returning from a meeting of the Socialist League and awakes to find himself in a future society based on common ownership and democratic control of the means of production. In this society there is no private property, no big cities, no authority, no monetary system, no divorce, no courts, no prisons, and no class systems. This agrarian society functions simply because the people find pleasure in nature, and therefore they find pleasure in their work.
Pleasure in work! Yes! And oppose those dry as dust fuckers that are determined to suck the joy out of work and life. Here's Leon Rosselson beautifully "Bringing the News from Nowhere":