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The Bridgewater Boulder and the Prostrate Girl

Good God — the eastward position, and all creation groaning! The quotation is from Jude the Obscure and references two clergymen debating the fatuous positioning of the eastward altar in the midst of human tragedy. Hardy's words echo in this post.

Having just attended a wonderful classical music concert at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, I was very taken by the giant stone shaped sculpture outside the hall, the 'Ishinki Touchstone', created by Japanese sculptor Kan Yasuda. Or rather I was taken by the impromptu addition to the artwork, which is why I took this picture:

I thought it was so unexpected, out of context, and so, funny! Others did, too, I enjoyed watching their amused reactions. It was only afterwards, after the concert, looking again at the picture, that I noticed a small huddled figure on the right hand side, just to the right of the bust of conductor John Barbirolli. It's a young girl and she is begging for money from the concert-goers. I didn't se…