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Traditional and Person-Centred Education Compared

Traditional education Rogers describes the major characteristics of “conventional education as we have known it for a long time in the United States”: The teachers are the possessors of knowledge, the students the expected recipients.The lecture, or some means of verbal instruction, is the major means of getting knowledge into the recipients. The examination measures the extent to which the students have received it. The teachers are the possessors of power, the students the ones who obey (Rogers adds that Administrators are also possessors of power, and both teachers and students are the ones who obey – and that control is always exercised downward).Rule by authority is the accepted policy in the classroom – the authority-figure – the instructor – is very much the central figure in education.Trust is at a minimum – the teacher does not trust the students to work well without supervision and constant checking, students distrust the teacher’s motives, honesty, fairness, competence. Stu…